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Software Development

Software development services is your possibility to outsource software engineering and support, and get maintainable, secure and impactful software at the best price. To date, ScienceSoft has fulfilled 3,300+ projects and offers vast experience in different programming techs and software types. Create your new software for tangible business outcomes and with an optimal TCO. Provide development resources you lack. Support and evolve your existing business software to keep it available, reliable, and relevant. Participate in your software product development.We love Next.js, and we love Material UI. In fact, we blog about it quite a bit around here. Using it a lot, however, we have noticed that we have started repeating ourselves when it comes to getting the two to play nicely, so we figured we would put the set-up for Next.js and Material UI right here, and refer back to it instead. We will keep this post up to date as the set-up changes over time.